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i've been so excited [entries|friends|calendar]
i'm just shameless

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Name: Morgan Renée
Age: 21; April 2 87
Job: Dancer, Dance Teacher, Student, Retired Limited Too employee, Retired Charlotte Russe Employee, Verizon - Agent, Future Stars Teacher, Represented by DDO Artists Agency under Thomas Scott in NY Since 2006.
Currently hating college at SUNY Purchase in the Dance Conservatory. I go to the city as much as possible and love shopping to no end.

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Michelle for making this bomb layout i still love it years later, jamba juice, dancing, california, meeting new people, my friends, clothes, necklaces, MAC, my cellphone, music, movies

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My family, fake people, brussel sprouts, losing touch with friends, not having any free time, sci-fi anything, people who think they know what's best for you

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Friends Only, because pretty much anything you say can and will be used against you.

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just a picture [14 Jun 2006|07:05am]
[ mood | weird ]

this was from Sunday when we watched "hairspray" (chanel & allison & chae and their families together for allison's bday...and me and my gma...just cause)

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Yay for good moods [12 Jan 2006|10:26pm]
[ mood | weird ]

So today was a pretty fantastic day if i do say so myself. I woke up at 10, took a shower. Ran to the post office for mi madre... you know.. did the helpful daughter thing. then picked up Jaimie Sara and Dana my lovers whom i can never get enough of... and took them to PAPA PANCHOS for lunch. Got a burrito that i couldn't finish and bought dana a soft taco. ONE soft taco...that's all she ate. the twiggy twig twiggerson! we laughed about stupid things like always and just chatted it up. It was a good lunch. On the way back we were talking about how Mel (sara's little sister) writes like a dog.. and we started pawing on the car...uhm ok had to be there, that was kinda just for me to remember. Jaimie and I thought it was hilarious. Anyways!!!... after we got back to campus i visited a few people for the last time at Mission. saw CONNIE finally and ALEX D. anddddd CADENCE!!! yay for bling. Kicked it with sara and lexie for awhile and eventually left. I went tanning because if my brownie mitch isn't here, i figure i'll just get brown and everytime i look at myself, its almost like he's there with me. that's right EVEN IN THE SHOWER! hahahaha kidding??... sort of.

After that i came home and continued to read "my friend leonard" i'm almost done already...wow i just started reading it like...yesterday or something. I LOVE JAMES FREY! he's an amazing author, i've never been that into a book really...!! <33 yay for frey!

as i was reading the BEST thing happened. A mister DAVE BROWN called me and said he's IN CALI!!! dave brown is one of my loves from PURCHASE and his family decided to come to cali for ...i dunno vacation? so i think i'm going to frisco tomorrow to see dave brown and mitch!! hopefully melanie and ivan come too! <3 dave brown flies to ny on the 17th too so maybe we'll be on the same flight, but i doubt it. wooo after he called me i called and talked to SUZ! i miss my susannah banana!!! we always laugh so hard together. our friend steve went to jail today =( i didnt even get to say bye and good luck to him haha. he's gonna be out in 6-1year. oh the troublemaking of steve.

I called up jaimie to see what time ballet was because...well i just miss ballet and i figured it would be my last class before i head back to purchase. I got ready and went to dance, ballet was kinda chill and laid back today so it was fun. I won't be sore tomorrow! i kinda miss the hardcore training we got there. But after purchase i feel like i have a better respect for what we do in that class because I've been DAAANCING ballet at purchase rather than... being stressed and nervous all the time... i dunno ballet is soo much fun to me now. discipline AND fun!? WOOW! <3 dancing = my passion.

I stayed and watched the large groups. i love the choreography they have this year!

sooo here are some pictures yaaay for picturesCollapse )

oh the memories that each picture holds...

lunch with yoko on monday =D

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VMA's SUCKED [29 Aug 2005|02:12am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So today was a crazy day. i loved it. everyday is just a BLAST here. i can't even understand it. i just got in my room at like 1:30 but i don't feel like sleeping. i'm lucky my roomie is a heavy sleeper i wish i could go into detail about everything but it would just be way too much to type and it would get very confusing. because you all know when i get excited i stop making sense.. anyways tomorrow is placement classes for ballet and i'm kinda nervous but not really i just want to DANCE already. i need to turn in my application to work at the performing arts center too. anyways

freshman fun at COLLEGECollapse )
isn't college fun? you know what else is fun...telling everyone in cali not to watch the vma's because they suck before anyone in cali sees it. hahaha i know stuff before you guys neener neener neeener. =) it is hot in here last night i slept with no blanket on the ground in jess's room because i got locked out of mine. LONG STORY. i shouldn't have been but OOOKAY


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...You Know You Want Me... [01 Jul 2005|04:00pm]
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hmmm motivational [22 Feb 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So i've decided that raj has the best aura. I was so happy to see him last night. I don't know i'm so not even close to raj but at the same time...he's like one of those bug zappers he just keeps drawing me in. i think he is the most beautiful person ever. *and i know ure reading this stop blushing haha!* but serious the way his mind works and like just his style just raj, he makes me think there's hope for me. haha plus he's devika's cousin so how can he not be the best?

hi raj! you are my heart. if u get a chance call...or i should get ure number because i'm usually busy..but if i get a free minute i'll call u up and see if u are free! okay, just thought i'd post that because raj makes me think. haha i feel all smart...and i dunno, oh your tat is beautiful too...oooo i can't wait for life outside of this house!!!!

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ode to a talent show [22 Feb 2004|09:15am]
[ mood | energetic ]

umm, it was nice to get out of the house last night.
i got to see a lot of people i haven't seen or talked to in a long time. I don't know why especially people like Raj and jake i even talked to connie. i always thought connie hated me. weee. it was allll good i even talked to deidre! I MISS DEIDRE i don't even SEEEE her at moreau like in the halls or anything. as for the talent show...FKR was really the highlight, and then i'd say Hans' performance was 2nd best haha

I was talking to tiffany abo0t me dancing at it next year, i dunno...cuz i never know if we will have competition or rehearsal or something on the night of the talent show... but yea

me: i think i might dance next year.. maybe.. i dunno...
Tiffany: u should
me: kendra asked why i don't. and i'm like because when i'm famous and they put me on DRIVEN on VH1, you know they are gonna have embarassing footage of it hahahaha
Me: i'll think abo0t it

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[19 Feb 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

i get elevator privlidges with allyson

now i gotta learn how to spell priviledge privlai...screw it

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concert time [17 Feb 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ok so last night the concert was off the heezy fo sheezy! haha

primero, when we got there it was windy like none other and Brianna *sp* my sister's roomate was freezing her ass off cuz she's from san diego and they don't get cold. anywho so we get to HP Pavillion and we're waiting for Kevin's friends...we're like go stand where the big HP PAVILLION SIGN is but they aren't showing up so we just go in *we got patted down before tee-hee*

and yea there was a HP PAVILLION sign on the other side of the building LMAO i thought of that but i didn't want to sound like a doof cuz i mean it's an arena how many GIANT HP PAVILLION signs can there be? and so yea...we get inside and buy food cuz i had the munchies like whoa! and kevin see's his friends woot so we devised a plan to get us all down on the floor. WHICH WORKED haha. but we didn't go down until the end of P.O.D

Story of the year played first omg they are hella kickass performers. i loved their cd that jnam made for me but deng hellllla hyped me too when they were performing but it sucks ass when ure in a chair and not in the crowd. anyways at the end they played Metallica sandman "taaaake my haaand we're off to never never land" wo0t it was hardcore.

Then it was Hoobastank and they were ok..cuz i like hoobastank but they didn't really get the crowd going they kinda just stood their and played their instruments yenno. but it was funny cuz when they came out they played "three's company" haha and at the end Hoooba sang "Girls Just wanna have Fun" Good times!

It was fun watching all the people jump the barrier and try and make it into the mosh before security people caught them. one guy was sooooo close. but nope. i only saw one person make it.

then it was P.O.D i didn't really like them before the concert but after seeing them, they are kinda growing on me. they played youth of the nation and that was the first song i liked by them and it was coolness. they had a hella cool set too haha.

then it was the BIG ONE...LINKIN PARK! ok so the video for numb....JUST LIKE THAT but 92734732 times better. touched sweaty chester and mike! haha me and..josh i think his name was...?? almost had a pick and a towel and everything else they threw out. but got nothing haha but good times at the front. haha u know how i do..i always get to the front barrier. we were like the second...row (if that's what u wanna call it) from the barrier. Before linkin park started i was by this guy he said his name was c.j. he was nice he reminded me of this guy stefano scalia from elementary. haha

anyways all in all it was an awesome show. i think linkin park performed the best and story of the year was close behind. it was hardcore.

got home a little after midnight and took a shower to get the nasty weed and sweat off of me. sick sick sick! haha it's fun until u walk outside and ure drenched in ure sweat...and other people's sweat and it's fuckin cold like greenland. anyways then i went to bed maybe around 12:30 or 1 ish and got up at 5:20 so i could do my paper on mark twain cuz marc reminded me it was due today. and there we have it =)

i miss you allyson. get well soon. my mom will visit u in ure room tonight ;)

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wo0o0o0t [17 Feb 2004|06:09am]
[ mood | awake ]

so yea i'm running on maybe 3 hours of sleep! HELL YEAH I AM! haha last night was the Linkin Park concert!

it was too much fun. i have homework to do though so i'll write about it when i come home...maybe...haha i'll probably sleep.

met some cool people there. i love concerts.

it was Linkin Park, Story of the Year, Hoobastank, POD! (they weren't coming originally), and wait is that all *counts fingers 1...2..3...4) ahhh i'm tired haha it was a long night

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KAR WAS FUUUN! [16 Feb 2004|08:32am]
[ mood | amused ]

Ok so first update on ALLYSON!
She texted me yesterday and i was so excited!!! so she tells me that she crushed her pelvic bone and her face is scratched up. later on she called me and i called her back.....and she said her ribs really hurt!! i wanna make the pain go away. it's breaking my heart.

but yea she's getting better. she's getting transfered to where my mom works so my mom is going to check up on her. =)

I also talked to Paul Barrera..him and allyson both don't remember anything. i think because when u get in bad accidents they give you amnesia pills because it's too traumatizing to remember. that's what they did when my friend melissa's cousin got in a bad accident.

moving on...
KAR (Kids Artistic Revue...it's a dance competition for you cool kids who don't know)
We did hella good!! I got 4th overall and 1st Runner-Up for Miss Dance. Yay! I got 4th overall last year, but i got the title for miss teen it's all good. I know something they don't know. =) Anyways we took 1st overall for pretty much everything. I'm really proud of allison boja, she just wanted to win her category and got 2nd overall in intermediate. the only person who beat her was michelle. again, i know something they don't know. haha lmao allison! (it's an inside joke) Hmm, our whole studio did great.

o0oh my favorite dance was mine and jaimie's DUET! we got ripped off they gave us a first for no reason! poo heads! it's all just cuz my clear strap broke off and jaimie's TOP came undone hahahaha it should have gotten most entertaining! geeeze! haha me and jaimie didnt care we just LOVE dancing it kinda made the dance MORE fun! haha it was good times. i love you JAIMIE!

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a post for allyson [14 Feb 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Please Pray for Allyson Laquian.
she was in an accident on friday night
she's in ICU. please keep her in your thoughts
and pray for her.
I love this girl so much! I wish i could see her
She's made a big impact on my life.
When i found out my grandma had breast cancer
i didn't cry
when my aunt died and i was at her funeral
i didn't cry
But ever since i heard about the accident
i can't stop crying.

BTW if anyone has paul barrera's phone number
call me my cell is 209-7907

today was supposed to be nice..happy birthday devika..happy valentines

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some girls dance with women [11 Feb 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Today was not so bad. It was father moreau day so we got out at 11:45. but yea we were in the orange group or whatever so we went to the auditorium first and there was this quiz show game thing. and yea and then we went to the student center and stuffed our fatty faces and then we were dancing haha it took awhile for my peoples to get in the groove haha but i was hella hyped and i love dancing so i was like ahhh whatever...so then yea and i danced with briauna and landon hella liked it so we kept goin at it haha and i thot of that song "some girls dance with wommenn knowin that it gets them attention" haha it was funny. then we wrote a letter thing...and yeah. then we went back to homeroom and i chatted it up with rayna she's so cool. love that girl. we made our tree branch and whatnot for closing ceremony then was the closing ceremony and there u have it...my day in a nutshell.

then after school me n amanda swo0oped and picked up some balloons and went to daphne's house and gave her the balloons and what not for her birthday i still have to get her a REAL REAL present tho. ahhh no time no time. then...i went home and changed and left for dance and i did a solo with melissa. it was go0d times.

and then i came home and i made some barettes for "question of you" and now my hands are gluey and i'm stickin em all up on the keyboard...lmao lance "sticky keyboard" anyways la la la now i think i'ma sew my new pointe shoes and do some homework that i neglected yesterday.

hasta pasta

*new pics on friendster*

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highlights of today [10 Feb 2004|03:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]

--haha me missing andrew AGAIN this morning..and shereenie! haha i love shereen!
--my talk with gina in chemistry. she's so cool why does she hang out with the bitch?
--psych is always good with the gade man! haha but deng justin alivia was talking abo0t jamba juice and that's mine and amanda's favorite and then i hella started craving a jamba..!!!
--mine and amanda's candy gram plan!
--spanish (bad highlight) allyson waved at me *and flipped me off* outside my class haha like always...but then her guy friend hella tried to yell something over at me...and then ms. moran got mad and gave allyson a detention =( even tho she didn't even do anything. i told her i'd serve it for her because i felt bad *even tho it wasn't my fault! haha ..or hers* but no0o and after school she had to serve 30 minutes with ms kyle from when i called her during class...it's not MY fault she talks loud...but i shouldn't have called i guess...I'M SORRY ALLLLLLLYSSSOOOOOON!!!!!!!!
o0oh and then allyson lost her detention because she showed sammy jo...and then it just got lost! great day for allyson!!! i'm sorry i love you i'll serve ure detention i swear i will! I WILL I WILL I WILL!
--Lunch was exciting...DAM was having a good old day because WARM WAS IN THE AIR! haha
--"that girl straight up needs a bra on her ass"
--"i feel like gina i need pictures of guys on here!" haha i was only kidding gina!! ure mah G! and then 9th was ok...chill period me and tobie and andrea went to el bano and were fighting over who was gonna hold the pass so we wouldn't get detentions.
--after school thats when i saw allyson and apologized!! and then DAM walked out to the parking lot and we were being hella crazy like "they must have just cut the grass" and amanda "i thot u were using some kind of analogy" hahahahahaha! no...seriously it just smelled like they just cut the grass.
--then i saw jeff and he was talking to himself about how everyone be drivin the Lexus' and what not and he has a truck! haha i'm like don't even start on crap cars!
--and now i am home!


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A fun sunday night? for me...!??! [09 Feb 2004|06:44am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I know, even I am surprised. Last night was so much fun! a SUNDAY night. haha who does ANYTHING on a sunday night? Anyways, so everyone except for US has today (monday) off...so last night was the night to be out. Anywho0o so i went to jaimie's house and watched Everwood and Smallville beginnings and then Dana came and we went to union landing. we watched YOU GOT SERVED at 7:40. too bad that movie was hellla tight! and kelsey, now i know which split move u guys are talking about that was hot.
deng i was hella pumped after that movie. we are hella starting crews that's it! haha! AND I KNEW WADE ROBSON HAD TO BE IN THAT MOVIE. and then he came out at the end and i swear to god *ask jaimie* i spazed haha! it was COMEDY! but i didn't like that Leah girl in the movie...she can't act she said *tripping* not trippin..haha whatever tho!
after the movie i saw Matt Warren when i was walking out. and then i was all...geeeze stalker! hah cuz i just seen him the other day at the mall! haha *i think saturday* and i felt bad cuz dana and jaimie and stuart and ryan were hella just like standing there i was like GO TO STARBUCKS i'LL MEET YOU THERE!...so they did! (well stuart and ryan waited for stuart's mom..) and kevin malmgren came and i was like...wow. man i hella miss last years' seniors they were the best.
anyways that made me happy. matt and kevin were waiting for some hawaiian girls haha! and they weren't sure about watching u got served and i was like i dunno the girls might like it but i dunno about u guys. and matt is all is the dancing good cuz i'm about to learn how from this movie and i hellllla started laughing because that shit is hella hard and i just pictured matt doing that.
anyways then i went and met dana and jaimie at starbucks and katrina, kelsey, audrey, gina, jordan, krissy, kerry and...kylene showed up to get some starbucks. jaimie finally got her drink and then we left. it was tons of fun on a sunday night.
i got home around...10:40ish or something and watched the end of the Grammy's.

o0oh the mysterious RUDE person that called at 3:30 in the morning was justin nambiar. fckin dick just hung up because i answered and he was too tired to talk. did he honestly think i'd try and chat it up at 3:30 in the morning either!?!?!? JERK, just hung up...! whatever tho

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alrighty then [08 Feb 2004|08:04am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so...someone called me at 3:30 this morning. I don't know the number but i answered and i go
That's so rude! u don't just call someone at 3:30 in the morning and wake them up and then just HANG UP! i mean at least say u had the wrong number....unless of course this person is a hottie then u can call and hang up on me any time haha!!!

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all u gotta do is holla at me [06 Feb 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Dude so today was so hilarious. DAM was on a natural High ...ok so i'ma stop defining DAM everytime i write it DAM= DAPHNE-AMANDA-MORGAN. ok so don't forget it.

So this morning i was getting help from terrence on how to do the stupid chemistry lab...thanks much! I was hangning out with the guy crowd haha it was fun. I was talking to orion, that guy is cool i've always liked that guy...he's just a nice guy...i think i might annoy him though.

1st period Chem..we just worked on a worksheet. so too bad i understand tagalog and michael ying was making fun of my white bo0bies...whatever he knows he likes them! haha i am gonna run him off the road next time i see that fo0l! haha thanks to all my adings for teaching me all the tagalog i needed to know so that i know when i'm supposed to be offended hahah!

3rd period psych...haha that was the best class me and amanda are the slickest haha that's ALL i gotsta say.

5th spanish...i hope i get a good grade on my menu haha i worked on that till like 12:30 this morning...shizzle dizzle

Lunch..omg DAM couldn't stop singing "if u wanna go to my hotel.." haha and i was going all gospel on it and amanda was boppin her head around it was COMEDY! OH YESTERDAY AT LUNCH I GOT THE LAST PEANUT BUTTER M&M's in the vending machine...ACHIEVEMENT OF A LIFETIME!

and then history boooriing.....ahhh! wrote allison a 2 page letter. finished the algebra i fell asleep doing last night..y es todos!!

well i g2g now. i'm supposed to be talking to my stepdad about what he wants for his birthday!!


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SQUARE POST [05 Feb 2004|11:20pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

wow i've never been more proud of me. I just finished my Reconstruction paper...and in a 905 word essay not ONE word was spelled wrong! haha except my last name and U.S. cuz it thot it shoulda been US haha i think i'm an overachiever guys!! are my brains showing?

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oh geeze [03 Feb 2004|07:05am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ok this is realllly lame but go here

No NeW DrEsScOdE aT MoReAu


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doo doo can't come dowwn [03 Feb 2004|06:49am]
So yea my days have just been getting worse and worse. I'm starting to seriously hate life.

For major religions we had these 7 questions that we had to choose 1 from and write a 1 1/2-3 page reflection on. I wrote a 3 page reflection on the question: "why are we here" and i decided there is no good reason for us to be here....ahhh!

I had this hella cool talk with chris faye but then i had to go haha but it was cool i like being able to have real conversations with some substance. haha

I also talked to Justin nambi cuz i had a bad night and i like to vent to him. haha to0 bad that guy is one of my best friends now. so all u girls that i hear like him...you gotta get through me. because i know one of you is reallly fake and i will kick you in the chocha if i see you near my friend. haha...he doesn't like you anyways. he told me so =X (see the world that was opened up for you j nam! i like to say it was because of me to make myself feel better! haha...that's a no.)

well i better get ready for school. there's 78 teaching days left...that's so many and it doesn't include spring break and weekends and what not just TEACHING DAYS that's toooo many! i quit!

awww the song i'm listening to (see current music) reminds me of sid suri. me and that kid always had the best taste in music haha we both helluv liked this song/artist such "boppers" we are
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Bye Bye Jillian [30 Jan 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

=( It was Jill's last night teaching yesterday. She taught me and Lindsey last and i got all sad i cried!! haha i'ma miss her while she's in Mississippi! me and lindsey made this up
"Be like a Beaver don't be a WEAVER!" because yea her new last name is gonna be weaver when she gets married...anyways BYE JILL I LOVE YOU!

Today was a miniumum day! i love and hate minimum days. i hate them cuz the classes just keep goooing but i love them because we get out early and i hate school hahah!

SO what happened....2nd period was English Mr. Prisk said he didn't agree with the score i got on my Junior Placement Exam either and said he would tell the Board that i could choose whether or not to take essay as lit because he thinks i will be bored in that class. But i said i would take it anyways just because...but thanks!

4th period Major Religions was kinda...neeeh ok! nothing special it still feels like the 1st day of that class like it doesn't feel like we do anything..but we do i dunno. ANyways i got in trouble for talking to Katia and he's probably goin to move my seat. geeeze the jerk! too bad i liked him before but now i dunno. it depends. i swear i was like YES i love this class i even RAISED MY HAND AND ANSWERED QUESTIONS i NEVER DO THAT! Everrr! haha so today i didn't.

6th period math OMG me, nathalie, sammy jo, and rayna were counting down the minutes till the end of that class 10 minutes from when it started. we're like ok guys 1 hour and 15 minutes left 1 hour left 55 minutes 55 minutes...so on and so forth. and mr. stone was hella looking at me the whole time. whenever it's my turn to sit in the front of my row he always looks at me when he talks and is like "but if ure like MORGAN you won't check ure work and just get a 7 on ure homework instead of a 10"

whatever i aint trippin. old guy always making math sexual. come on! ure old...and ure a teacher...u need to stop. i swear i think sammy jo was about to gag. haha and sammy jo raised her hand she doesn't do that either. haha and mr. stone asked what we studied last in the chapter and rayna is all.."o0o0h invisible numbers!!" hahahaha too bad it was "imaginary numbers" but yenno that was close. that hella made me laugh rayna is a cool one. (is it reyna? lol i think i've been spellin her name wrong...)

what else what else..after school me and daphne and amanda were just like standing there hella doing nothing so we were like..deng lets just go. haha well me and shereen were playing. we were switching body parts again. haha she's so hilarious!!! i heart shereen. i play with her hair in english cuz it's sooooo niiice haha she's going to cut it...ahh! haha anyways so DAM went to Union Landing to hit up the JAMBA JUICE! HOLLA! mine and amanda's favorite place. it's funny cuz last night at dance me and danish were telling sara about how we hadn't had a jamba in so0o0o long and we were craving it.

Oh and the best part. i played with shaffer last night. he got off work during my last hour but i had to wait a half an hour before i could go...does that make sense? so he came into the studio and saw what it looked like

DUDE Yoko's girlies...yenno how we always hear the people at swim school like counting when they are teaching the little kids? alex said they can hear our music in their office thing. haha can u see them listening to like..."danncing foool" or "it's all in ure hands and it feels soooooo" or the all timer "MY DON QUIXOTE THE MAN OF LA MANCHA!" hahah that's comedy!

well that's abo0t it my friends. i am gonna go call my sister chelsea and clean the goldfish off my floor for lindsey cuz she's spending the night tommorrw! wooooot! haha! anyways bbyyyee

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